Comments from delegates at Student Council Workshops-Lake County Regional Office of Education 2009 & 2010

“I learned a lot about the reflexive qualities of humans. I also learned about the importance of sharing ideas and good techniques for running a meeting.”

– Donald Bauer.

“It’s like a fiesta for the soul!!”

– Eric Donahue

“This was a fantastic experience full of ideas that will definitely be implemented in my school. ”

– Greg Schaalthis

“From that very first lesson on attitude, I knew that this was one of the most interesting conferences I have attended. It was a lot of information to digest, but I now I am going to use these methods to organize my life this weekend and guide my focus for at least the next few decades.”

– Sandeep Balasubrahanian

Comments from Participants at Educator Workshops

“June is definitely a wealth of information. the notebook is full of forms & references that I can put to use. The exercises were useful-I will use some with students. I feel that I can now put the basics of the retreat together with our exec leadership team and be prepared for the coming year. I’m looking forward to helping the students discover how much more they can do for their school besides making posters. ”

– Participant, Student Council Advisor Workshop

“I really enjoyed the direct instruction and the opportunity to try out and practice tools and scenerios. I liked the pace of the course-moving along and the curriculum offered. The students in the class and the information were helpful to me. ”

– Participant, Leadership Educator’s Workshop