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Custom Designed Training

Non-Profit Organizations

Training can be designed for staff and or boards of non-profit organizations. Based on the desired outcomes, this training can be offered on a one-time basis or over a period of years. NLI works collaboratively with experts in various areas of organizational development to provide the highest quality program.


One-day and multi- day workshops can be designed for student groups, entire classes, faculty and/or the entire school. We ask interested individuals to identify the desired outcomes for the training in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitudes they wish participants to acquire. The plan is designed to implemented within your budget.

Student Council

Student Council Teambuilding Workshop (sample schedule)

Offered near the beginning of the school year, this workshop is designed to help members of a student council get to know each other, develop trust and  tools for working collaboratively. It also provides members with the opportunity to develop a framework that they can utilize for the rest of the year and to begin planning.

Student Council Skill Building Workshop (sample schedule)

This workshop focuses on developing skills that will make members effective. These include: planning and running interactive meetings, making oral presentations, resolving conflict, planning projects and working together.

Student Council Networking/Emerging Leaders Workshop

Offered mid-year this workshop has two tracks: one for current officers and one for students planning to run for office. In track I, current officers have the opportunity to get to know each other, share best practices for end of the year activities such as recognition of outgoing members, transitioning the incoming group and elections. Potential candidates learn how to run an effective campaign and develop core leadership skills including planning and running meetings, making presentations, teambuilding, and resolving conflict.


Student Council Advisor Workshop (sample schedule)

In this two-day workshop, participants explore the history of student involvement in school decision-making, options for organizing the structure, selection and training of members, evaluation of student performance, successful activities, coaching and providing feedback to  students and teambuilding techniques. CEU units are available.

Leadership Educators Workshop (sample schedule)

This two-day workshop focuses on curriculum for leadership classes and/or student council retreats. It covers principals of design, methods of instruction, coaching and feedback, resources, leading closure after structured experiences and components of curriculum. Participants have time to review resources and begin planning units of instruction. CEU units are available..

Student Council Teambuilding Workshop