» Download: The NLI Leadership Training Model

Meeting Skills

This consensus decision-making process enables groups to reach agreement on decisions that they actually will support over the long term. Students develop skill in defining desired outcomes, building agendas, facilitating, recording and participating in interactive meetings.

Conflict Management

Participants examine the positive and negative aspects of conflict and ways of breaking a negative conflict cycle. There is opportunity to practice identifying and expressing feelings and making specific requests without escalating conflict.

Presentation Skills

Students have the opportunity to increase their oral communication skills by concentrating on three areas: Body and Movement, Voice and Expression and Content. Each delegate prepares and delivers a mini-presentation and receives feedback.


Participants engage as a group in a series of structured experiences designed to help them develop insight into group process and the impact they personally have on group interaction. Opportunities for reflection and discussion are provided after completion of each exercise. The Team Development Model provides a framework


NLI recognizes that delegates will face numerous ethical dilemmas in their future leadership roles. Interactive sessions challenge them to consider options for action in a variety of situations and to discuss the implications of various courses of action.

Leadership and Management

The Gemini Model of Leadership and Management provides participants with a conceptual framework for distinguishing the uniqueness of these two dimensions and to consider the difference between what effective leaders and managers do versus what qualities they possess. Self-assessment and feedback from others complete this module.

Project Planning

Utilizing the Interaction Method, delegates identify a potential project and complete a template that includes: vision, long-term goals, short-term objectives, potential obstacles, critical factors for success, resources and tasks.